Saturday, March 31, 2001

Due to circumstances out of Luke's control, this blog will be shut down until she, er, those circumstances are under control.

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Uh Hi honey it's me. You know sometimes things are better said in writing then they are face to face. Well I have a few small confessions and points of interests I wanted to share with you. I thought that since your blog is such a secret thing and nobody really sees it that it was probably the safest way to tell you. I didn't want to write it on loose-leaf three holed paper because one of us could leave it around and someone might see it.
Ok, first of all the speedo has to go. Nobody needs to wear one of those. Secondly that smell is just getting worse. This next one kind of affects other people, because our neighbor's cat is now wearing a neck brace. She asked me to inform you that you probably need to close the blinds when you decide to play naked air guitar. She said that she saw you do that, what i think is that incredible Pete Townshend jump where you land on your knees while screaming. Well, she tried to reach over and cover her small childrens faces but succeeded in dropping the cat on its cat head instead. She says that her children now ask her if they can watch the funny naked man jumping on his bed. She said they don't watch TV anymore though.

Ok, well I love you, and if you want to talk about any of this then just know that I'm here for you.

Tuesday, March 06, 2001

It warms my heart to know that, when given the opportunity, my beloved wife stoops to making boy-part jokes to amuse her loved ones. And it warms my heart that those loved ones still laugh heartily at juvenile humor. Maybe this is the Thompson legacy. I'd always hoped for a great band or a well received text, the reputation of being a great teacher, or for Galadriel to produce a groundbreaking piece of art. Maybe my family is simply meant to go down in history for our ability to instantly pickle off an ever-so-slightly off-colored joke, then say "What?? Oh.. you thought I meant... come on man, grow up, that's just gross!!"

*By the way, the word of the week is Lame-O. eg, when Anthony walked up to that girl in the bar and asked her if she was a model, that was Lame-O

*Whereas Levi tossing care to the wind by going ahead and growing out some monster anti-goat Wolverine chops would definitely not be Lame-O

Thursday, March 01, 2001

Psst. I snuck into my husbands blog! te he he he. Heellllllllllllllllloooooooooooooo Luke: )
Geez you're a swell guy you know. Love you muy mucho tons and tons. Hey does the world get to see this. I sure hope not. I mean I don't want to say anything that might embarrass you. I mean I'm sure you wouldn't want anyone knowing that you have a thing for one of your best friends. I mean Sco might start feeling kind of uncomfortable around you knowing that you often say his name in your sleep. Oh, by the way your medication has come in. The note on it says that it might take 2 to 3 weeks for that burning itch to stop. It's not a topical solution, so don't apply the stuff directly to "it", but mix it in a drink. Just not grapefruit juice. It's a bad combo making urination that much more painful. Ok bye bye.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Obviously I've decided that a blog is a great place to share with the world my thoughts on anything.
"Hey, it doesn't take much shallowness to make a person not want to love a horribly disfigured person."
-Me, after asking Galadriel whether or not she would still love me
if I looked like I do when I shove all of the fat on my face towards
my nose with my hands.